Friday, May 21, 2010

The Underwear It Counts

I was talking this morning to my friend Emilie about how I should've started a blog exclusively about underwear and called it "Underwear It Counts". I love underwear; especially Calvins! Today was a 40% sale at CK and I went (against the advice of Emilie) and I said that I would "only look". I now have so many pairs of underwear that I pretty much need a drawer just for underwear. I also have pairs that I still haven't worn yet; kinda like saving them for a special occasion or rainy day. When I got into the CK store in the mall, a male model wearing underwear and a t shirt gave me a coupon for 10% off next time I'm in the store. I wasn't really focusing on what he said so I had to read the coupon after to know what he had handed me. Hahaha. My friend Lacey called my cell and I talked to her (she was not impressed I was at the store). I told the sales people who approached me that I was only there to look and a lot of people would be unimpressed if I bought anything. Needless to say....I caved! I bought two pairs! I had 4 in my hand at one point, so 2 pairs is an accomplishment in itself! The sales people were even bringing me pairs from the back to look at. After leaving the store (and the underwear model) behind, I went into Lululemon to check out their underwear cause a friend told me they're amazing. He even had the audacity to say they're better than Calvins!! *gasp!* Haha. I looked at them, and quickly realized....I had to leave the mall now! So I put the underwear down and hurried to the bus stop and bussed home.

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