Friday, May 21, 2010

Boxers or Briefs

There's the age old question that's been asked for thousands and thousands of years......boxers or briefs? If asked in high school or before, I would answer "boxers only". Then later in high school, my answer to this age-old philosophical questions would slightly change to attach brief; boxer-briefs mostly, but boxers often as well. But now, I have been awakened to the amazing Calvin Klein underwear! These are by far the most comfortable underwear and my answer has yet again changed. I now wear briefs and trunk boxers the most, boxer-briefs sometimes (usually to workout), and boxers the least. Although, commando definitely still pops up now and then (no pun intended lol). So now I'm curious....what does everyone else wear? And will my answer to the question change again in the upcoming months to years?

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