Sunday, May 23, 2010

Package Size

During my last underwear shopping trip the other day, I was on the phone with my friend while I pa-roused the shelves and displays of CKs. While I was shopping, my friend was trying to be the little angel on my shoulder telling me "you don't need anymore underwear you have so many!" and when I did a bad job at trying to convince her and myself that I was only there to look (it was a 40% off sale, as if I was just looking), she then became the advice on which pairs I should get; despite her not being able to see what I was looking at. She overhear when a store clerk came and asked if I would like to see stuff they had in the back and then asked "what size?" - I told her. (I'm a medium incase anyone wants to send me any for my birthday in August lol). Then my friend aked me "imagine guys had to shop for underwear not only by their waist size, but there were two measurements; the waist size and you package size!" Kinda like jeans how I'm a 32 32; underwear I'd be a med med I guess? Hahaha. Wonder how many guys would lie when buying underwear if a sales clerk asked them their size? I guess it's also not THAT CRAZY since women's bras have two measurements of the number and the letter: And I mean really....all they're looking for is good support and to appear more endowed.

This video clip talks about the WonderJock by Aussiebum which is the male equivalent to a WonderBra.

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