Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Celebrities in Speedos

Ever notice that unless you're gay, a smokin' hot celebrity, or not from North America, then as a man you can't wear speedo beachwear without getting looks. You can travel around the Mediterranean and see speedos galore; you can't lay in the sun in Latin America without having a banana hammock or a hundred walking and laying around; yet in North America all you see is board shorts. Is it that the board short is used to hide much of a less than flattering body in a society plagued with obesity? Or is it that Europe is so fashion focused that they admire the male physique more while displaying designer swim briefs or trunks, and Latin America is submerged in sun so they mind as well stay cool with the least amount of clothing possible? Even hetero guys who fake-n'-bake (often nude or in briefs) wouldn't be caught dead with anything shorter than their gym shorts while chilling under the sun at the beach; especially if with their buddies. Celebrities and models are constantly in tabloids for looking hot while not wearing a lot, yet for some reason this still is borderline taboo in North American beaches. Why is it that in the States or Canada a guy's automatically identified at a homo just cause he wants to wear briefs or trunks at the beach? Especially when a guy has worked hard to develop a good physique, why not be able to show your ripped body since your body will attract more attention if you lose the board shorts (and even more so if you don't replace them with another type of swimwear!) Wearing a board short at the beach in Latin America or Europe (except for mostly American tourist resorts) is to them an awkward clothing choice as speedos are here. I think that if it's good enough for celebrities and models, and it's good enough for the Europeans and the Latin Americans, then I think it's about time that prudy North America break down their stereotypes and follow suit....or speedo.

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