Friday, May 21, 2010

Obsessed with Underwear!

I've had an attraction for Calvin Klein underwear ever since I put my first pair on about two years ago. Since then, it's turned from an attraction to more of an addiction. I don't even want to add the amount of money I probably spent on Calvins cause it's probably RIDICULOUS! When I was moving at the beginning of the month, I counted that I own 44 pairs of underwear (and as of today 46)! Not all my underwear are CK but probably about a third of them are. I even have pairs of Calvins that are still in their boxes that I save for a "special day"! It's Bad! I LOVE Calvin Klein underwear though! My mom and sister don't understand why anyone would spend "that much money" on one pair of underwear and I tried to explain to them that CKs are not just like underwear, they are the most comfortable underwear! I have never put on a pair of underwear more comfortable. So if I HAVE to wear clothes, then I'm going to choose Calvin every time if I can. Plus, doesn't hurt that they're really hot underwear! So if anyone hasn't tried on Calvin Klein underwear....I think you're missing out! Definitely get yourself a pair; even if it's just one. You won't regret it.

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