Saturday, May 29, 2010

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CK Models Through The Years

Over the years, Calvin Klein has had some key models used to sell their underwear. And since Calvins are my favourite, I thought I'd share/introduce you to the major faces behind the crotches...

Mark Wahlberg

Antonia Sabato Jr.

Travis Fimmel

Fredrik Ljungberg

Kellen Lutz

Hope you enjoy just as much as I have!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Workout Underwear

Choosing the best underwear for certain situations is important something; however, at the gym/when working out may be one of the most crucial times where wearing the best underwear is key. People wear a variety of different styles at the gym for a number of reasons; for comfort, support, helping muscles prevent early fatigue, moisture wicking so-as not to have sweat all over the ENTIRE body, and let's face it....the gym is a huge check-out/cruising spot. For many it's just window shopping at it's finest, but other try out the merchandise (sometimes in the "store" itself. So underwear is important for gym goers. All the "gym" underwear usually can come in a variety of materials from plain cotton, to moisture wick, to micro-fiber, to mesh breathable fabrics.

First, there's the boxer-brief. They fit more snug on the upper thighs and offer a little compression support to prevent from unnecessary "flopping" or moving of anything that you wouldn't want moving while working out or running on the treadmill.

Then there's the average brief or hip brief. This adds more support for your junk and has less fabric; therefore, avoiding unnecessary rubbing. Briefs also often make the appearance of certain things "pop" more if you're looking to have certain attributes noticed (and I don't just mean your biceps).

There's the compression underwear made by many athletic clothing companies. This underwear is almost always made from material that wicks moisture. The added benefit of compression underwear is that the tight pressure that they apply to the thighs (and whole leg if wearing long underwear) has been scientifically proven to increase endurance for runners and bikers by delaying fatigue of muscles.

The athletic brief and jock. These two types offer the least amount of clothing on the body. The athletic brief having a regular brief bum and then a pouch-like front with nothing on the sides. And the jock is pouch-like in the front with open bum and only two straps wrapping around the bum/upper thighs for support. Often worn for comfort and for less rubbing of fabric. I also know that many people perfect jocks (and other underwear with less fabric, especially on the ass) because it prevents sweating. These two can also be a lot more revealing in the locker rooms (again for the "shopping").

At the end of the day, what underwear you wear at the gym is personal preference (just like who at the gym you would like to see in their underwear). Trial and error or word of mouth are the two best ways to discover what works best for you. Currently I prefer Calvin Klein athletic briefs or athletic hip briefs that are a mesh material. They're amazingly comfortable and don't move much when I workout or do my cardio; while the mesh prevents sweating and allows breathability as well as looking good (if I can say that about myself lol).

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Who wants to go swimming?

Frenchie X Commercial

Homophobia in Men's Magazines

This is the new ad that 2(X)ist created for their new underwear that will be coming out soon and they tried to get the ad in Men’s Health Magazine and Details; however, both turned down the ad saying that it was too provocative. The ad will appear in the magazine Out, however. It’s interesting to see how magazines for men such as Men’s Health are still so homophobic that they are not willing to put men (though clearly fit) who are posing in only underwear; yet if this were to be a picture of a woman only wearing tiny underwear (such as the pictures in the “sex” section of nearly every issue) then it wouldn’t be an issue and the picture would be inserted into the magazine. I remember reading a study, done but a gay magazine, that looked at a number of “men’s magazines” and counted the number of the times the words “gay” and “homosexual” appeared. The results were very few of them used “queer words” unless they were magazines directed towards the gay community. Furthermore, Men’s Health Magazine didn’t use the words even once in a single issue. I think this is ironic considering that a fair chunk of subscribers and readers of Men’s Health Magazine (as well as other men’s fitness/health magazines) are gay men. I believe it could be argued that on average, gay men are more body image aware and concerned than hetero men, and so you would think that men’s magazine would try to make even a tiny effort to acknowledge this population of readers. Again, with athletes starting to “come out” while still playing their sport rather than only after they’ve retired, (such as Gareth Thomas) I again would think (and hope) that men’s magazines would realize that their magazines are STRAIGHT Men’s Health (or whatever the mag’s name is), but solely MEN’S Health – gay men are men just as much as their hetero counterparts. Hopefully soon men’s magazines will come out to realize this is 2010 and will catch up to the times and not try and closet many of their readers anymore.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wish I was invited to this party!

Old-school Marky Mark Calvin Klein Commercial

Celebrities in Speedos

Ever notice that unless you're gay, a smokin' hot celebrity, or not from North America, then as a man you can't wear speedo beachwear without getting looks. You can travel around the Mediterranean and see speedos galore; you can't lay in the sun in Latin America without having a banana hammock or a hundred walking and laying around; yet in North America all you see is board shorts. Is it that the board short is used to hide much of a less than flattering body in a society plagued with obesity? Or is it that Europe is so fashion focused that they admire the male physique more while displaying designer swim briefs or trunks, and Latin America is submerged in sun so they mind as well stay cool with the least amount of clothing possible? Even hetero guys who fake-n'-bake (often nude or in briefs) wouldn't be caught dead with anything shorter than their gym shorts while chilling under the sun at the beach; especially if with their buddies. Celebrities and models are constantly in tabloids for looking hot while not wearing a lot, yet for some reason this still is borderline taboo in North American beaches. Why is it that in the States or Canada a guy's automatically identified at a homo just cause he wants to wear briefs or trunks at the beach? Especially when a guy has worked hard to develop a good physique, why not be able to show your ripped body since your body will attract more attention if you lose the board shorts (and even more so if you don't replace them with another type of swimwear!) Wearing a board short at the beach in Latin America or Europe (except for mostly American tourist resorts) is to them an awkward clothing choice as speedos are here. I think that if it's good enough for celebrities and models, and it's good enough for the Europeans and the Latin Americans, then I think it's about time that prudy North America break down their stereotypes and follow suit....or speedo.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Briefs Instead of Burlap

Hanes has tye-dye briefs....perfect for the love-child hippies who would rather cotton caressing their crotch than just a poncho.

Aussiebum Underwear Ad

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Calvin Klein Steel

Currently, my favourite underwear are the Calvin Klein Steel underwear. I have a number of pairs, in a number of colours; in both trunks and hip briefs.

I find the hip briefs are really comfortable and make the package look really good. They're sexy and easily show of hip lines.

The trunks are comfortable and I like wearing them when I'm not feeling the mood to be more restricted. The material feels cool to the hands; kinda slippery. On the body, the material is soft and supportive and you can't help but feel sexy when you're in them.

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Package Size

During my last underwear shopping trip the other day, I was on the phone with my friend while I pa-roused the shelves and displays of CKs. While I was shopping, my friend was trying to be the little angel on my shoulder telling me "you don't need anymore underwear you have so many!" and when I did a bad job at trying to convince her and myself that I was only there to look (it was a 40% off sale, as if I was just looking), she then became the advice on which pairs I should get; despite her not being able to see what I was looking at. She overhear when a store clerk came and asked if I would like to see stuff they had in the back and then asked "what size?" - I told her. (I'm a medium incase anyone wants to send me any for my birthday in August lol). Then my friend aked me "imagine guys had to shop for underwear not only by their waist size, but there were two measurements; the waist size and you package size!" Kinda like jeans how I'm a 32 32; underwear I'd be a med med I guess? Hahaha. Wonder how many guys would lie when buying underwear if a sales clerk asked them their size? I guess it's also not THAT CRAZY since women's bras have two measurements of the number and the letter: And I mean really....all they're looking for is good support and to appear more endowed.

This video clip talks about the WonderJock by Aussiebum which is the male equivalent to a WonderBra.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Underwear It Counts

I was talking this morning to my friend Emilie about how I should've started a blog exclusively about underwear and called it "Underwear It Counts". I love underwear; especially Calvins! Today was a 40% sale at CK and I went (against the advice of Emilie) and I said that I would "only look". I now have so many pairs of underwear that I pretty much need a drawer just for underwear. I also have pairs that I still haven't worn yet; kinda like saving them for a special occasion or rainy day. When I got into the CK store in the mall, a male model wearing underwear and a t shirt gave me a coupon for 10% off next time I'm in the store. I wasn't really focusing on what he said so I had to read the coupon after to know what he had handed me. Hahaha. My friend Lacey called my cell and I talked to her (she was not impressed I was at the store). I told the sales people who approached me that I was only there to look and a lot of people would be unimpressed if I bought anything. Needless to say....I caved! I bought two pairs! I had 4 in my hand at one point, so 2 pairs is an accomplishment in itself! The sales people were even bringing me pairs from the back to look at. After leaving the store (and the underwear model) behind, I went into Lululemon to check out their underwear cause a friend told me they're amazing. He even had the audacity to say they're better than Calvins!! *gasp!* Haha. I looked at them, and quickly realized....I had to leave the mall now! So I put the underwear down and hurried to the bus stop and bussed home.

Obsessed with Underwear!

I've had an attraction for Calvin Klein underwear ever since I put my first pair on about two years ago. Since then, it's turned from an attraction to more of an addiction. I don't even want to add the amount of money I probably spent on Calvins cause it's probably RIDICULOUS! When I was moving at the beginning of the month, I counted that I own 44 pairs of underwear (and as of today 46)! Not all my underwear are CK but probably about a third of them are. I even have pairs of Calvins that are still in their boxes that I save for a "special day"! It's Bad! I LOVE Calvin Klein underwear though! My mom and sister don't understand why anyone would spend "that much money" on one pair of underwear and I tried to explain to them that CKs are not just like underwear, they are the most comfortable underwear! I have never put on a pair of underwear more comfortable. So if I HAVE to wear clothes, then I'm going to choose Calvin every time if I can. Plus, doesn't hurt that they're really hot underwear! So if anyone hasn't tried on Calvin Klein underwear....I think you're missing out! Definitely get yourself a pair; even if it's just one. You won't regret it.

Aussiebum Underwear Ad

Boxers or Briefs

There's the age old question that's been asked for thousands and thousands of years......boxers or briefs? If asked in high school or before, I would answer "boxers only". Then later in high school, my answer to this age-old philosophical questions would slightly change to attach brief; boxer-briefs mostly, but boxers often as well. But now, I have been awakened to the amazing Calvin Klein underwear! These are by far the most comfortable underwear and my answer has yet again changed. I now wear briefs and trunk boxers the most, boxer-briefs sometimes (usually to workout), and boxers the least. Although, commando definitely still pops up now and then (no pun intended lol). So now I'm curious....what does everyone else wear? And will my answer to the question change again in the upcoming months to years?

This is me...

This is me. The name's Marcus Roman and I made this blog to bring you my infatuation with underwear. It's not just a sexual attraction to a sexy pair, but a desire to keep support with the best comfort possible. In this blog, I'll post about underwear I own, ones I want. I'll talk about different brands and types and I'll show amazing human specimens who model the stuff. For those who enjoy this, stick around cause I've got Underwear You Want It.
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