Monday, June 7, 2010

Underwear and Sex

Underwear and sex go hand-in-hand. Underwear, to many people, produces sex appeal and arouses fantasies. It goes without saying that for many people, a sexy pair of briefs or a hot pair of boxers revealing the "V" leading to the destination can turn someone on in matter of moments. And yet to some, getting out of all clothes (including underwear) is the primary goal when "hooking up"; whether the full monty is what turns their crank or they just want to pass all visual foreplay and get straight to the horizontal tango. Then during the deed there's the two schools of sexual thinking; either socks on or socks off. Personally, socks on irritates me! Why would you remove all articles of clothes except your stinky-ass socks!? The one time I'm fine with socks on is during a quickie/when not all clothes are removed; but if you're going to take everything off, who wants hot, naked, sweaty bodies rubbing together to slide your foot and feel cotton feet? And then after all "energy" has been expended and you're going to calm down for the night (or whenever the party for two happened), are you one of those people who remains in their god-given body armour or are you going to feel more comfortable sliding those tightie-whities (or insert other underwear type) on to sleep? And if you do slide your boxers back on, why is it that you feel after rubbing naked and being inside someone for the past hopefully long time, you suddenly feel the need to cover back up? Is it an insecurity about your body and/or junk; cause just to let you know, 30 second before that you were bearing all for that significant other to feast their eyes on. Or is it you simply, they legitly feel more comfortable wearing underwear under the sheets? Regardless if you love getting down and dirty as soon as your enter the house, or would rather flaunt your semi-nude body behind some form of underwear to strike your partner's imagination, to you remain buck naked to sleep your bliss away - there's no denying that underwear plays a role in sex.

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