Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tweets from a Friend...

"Favourite type of underwear/bra brand to date! so friggen comfortable! Thanks @MarcusKusiak for the suggestion"
12:38 PM Jun 2nd via Twitpic

mariasellery :
"@MarcusKusiak #awesome"
7:59 PM Jun 1st via web in reply to MarcusKusiak
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"@MarcusKusiak just wanted to update you with my CK purchases..#AMAZING, don't know why I haven't bought them sooner"
7:10 PM Jun 1st via web

"@MarcusKusiak I think you will be proud of me, today I am going to buy some CK's and see if I get addicted like you!! ;)"
8:18 AM May 31st via web

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